Michael's project from 2/15/15

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  • 8783ae3a7a4b1a577cee1bde7d788ee7
    Custom grille with bat handle
  • B2faaf54c35b94c8fd6cbb9a58bc80c8
    Mini motorcycle made from scrap
  • 5412e60264c9d4b85627c101350629f5
    Custom made true dual exaust
  • 242d54419b81efac1cea9d2089fd888a
    Cylinder head repair
  • C3b6dc61d24773df01e84c8d4a55b364
    Custom frame
  • 320eec70d2aed7e6b3692a8238fb518e
    Finished custom pallet jack
  • C460df8d5dd6e74d42604942128cebb7
    Finished clam dredge
  • 2bd46474ae9c66ab94b7cb43328a3985
    Lowering of center tunnel
  • 680cc9d62a6fe89e8024924c1b138623
    New aluminum dump body latch
  • C9dc78d66f010753f0289d9e015c5938
    After picture of aluminum tailgate
  • D14a36d8cb73cbd22f4b8f26f412df6d
    Before picture of rotted aluminum tailgate
  • 52849900b3eff1757388a2fb3cf2aa63
    Tap handles made out of steel chain
  • 2133e9ebdac098d096fc54f62dae76a7
    Custom frame
  • 40f66e77a67382799f60f7fb947825cd
    Mini motorcycle made from scrap
  • D3fbce3e1abceaaf6984b81e1019f559
    Finished custom pallet jack
  • 76957a890f82e6dca32d811afc15a197
    Custom grille made from an oil tank
  • 3e56ea76cf7f3c399c2588146794511d
    Clam dredge
  • 5344015d09e6586a06c7edfd18240ca6
    Tap handles after powder coat
  • 8b7e35d5003aefecf0a486b5812faaa2
    Welded on rear end housing brackets
  • E1242f7e7b27330df9c1ca4cf0d605e0
    Inner forward control bracket
  • B1b2adb47876ffad85e7062da04581b5
    Sportster tank
  • 5c8005b9f2db5b8e6d611878cd839e73
    Fabricated rear fender and weld on hardtail
  • 5168e89b8d43dfdfe2670fdae88fd4f0
    Custom brackets for flh bags on a v-rod
  • F153b7f848bca52c8c169a88ea0cdfe3
    Welded on rear end housing brackets
  • A6cd1136b62eb67802a406a0461059c1
    New aluminum dump body latch